Creating the next generation of green roofs for a better world.

Startup (since February 2020) developing in to a scale-up

Driven by sustainability in: Products / Processes / Relationships

Hanneke Kohlmann



“With Sam Groofing’s DNA, personality and honesty are paramount.”

Yvonne Janssen



“With a radiant smile
I would like to inform you about
us nice product.”

Ghislaine Monchen



“Like an all-round centipede
I am happy to provide you with green information.”

Mark Blaakman



“I share my passion for green with our network with some Brabant conviviality.”

green roof information

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Semi-automatic assemblage of pockets
+ plug plants and
distribution of end products

Haaren N-Br

Our own sedum nursery


Pocket manufacture

Sam Groofing’s house butterfly.

Every day I flutter through the Dutch landscape. Together with my fellow butterflies I make sure that our country’s nature remains beautiful and well-balanced. For this it is important that, during the flowering season, I can find sufficient food in colourful gardens.

Unfortunately, the distances that I have to travel between gardens are becoming longer and longer. There are fewer and fewer places where I can eat at my leisure. This is a major problem, not only to me, but also to my bee and insect friends.

To me, Sam Groofing green roofs are real treasures. During the flowering season, from April to September, they are filled with plants of varying heights and flavours. These I can make the best use of. Sam Groofing green roofs are safe havens that link up our fragmented nature.


Groove | A rhythmic pattern

My wish for the future is that I may once again flutter through the Dutch landscape in a rhythmic pattern. That the rhythm of forests, gardens, green roofs, playgrounds and parks is right. So that all of Dutch nature is my home.

Would you like to help? Then a green roof may be the way to go.

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